Running Sasy, that’s me!

12087798_1507337796248880_4448534958602007782_oI’ve been running for two years, in reality my journey started well before then we will start here though.  I’m Stephanie a.k.a. Sasy, not to be confused with sassy although I might resemble that as well.  I wasn’t always a runner, two years ago I never dreamed of running a half marathon or thought I would consider a full marathon.  Those distances seemed out of reach for this girl who was never athletic growing up.

I was happy training for and running in the various 5k events around town.  I’ll be honest the first several included a fair amount of walking.  It wasn’t always easy, and some days it still isn’t,  I loved knowing I was pushing myself to achieve things I once thought out of reach.  As long as I had an upcoming race, I was happy to run throughout the week to stay conditioned enough to run when a 5k popped up.  Then I started thinking….

I could train for a half marathon, it would be awesome if I could run a half marathon before my next birthday.  It was would be a milestone year, and I had plenty of time to select a race, a training plan, and then train.  Which is exactly what I did, a funny thing happened along the way.  I gained strength, confidence, friends and a desire to continue to push my limits!  That half marathon went down, before my target birthday.  I took on the 13.1 distance twice more in the three months following that birthday.  Then I started thinking…

I could train for a full marathon, I would like to run just one full marathon.  Yeah, I am pretty sure this will hurt and I have to go for it!