Running in to 2016

I finished out 2015 with a 3.1 mile run in the “Last Race of the Year” and started 2016 with a 1.6 mile run to finish the Runner’s World Winter 2015 Run Streak.

Now what?  I am already signed up for 4 races, one for each of the first 4 months.  I have a bucket list race that if all goes well in the next few hours I will be signed up for in May.  Is there more to keep me motivated between races and throughout my training?  Here is another challenge I stumbled across the Twelve Monthly Challenges over at No Meat Athlete.  I like having this type of challenge, it helps push me to do more, the goal is already out there for me.  I just have to go do it, in today’s busy world sometimes having the goal already set is the only push I need.

Challenge number one is a 30 day run streak, pretty sure I can handle that since I am on day 40 something already.  Let’s do this!

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