Phoenix in February

Several months ago I registered to run my fourth half marathon in Phoenix at the Phoenix Marathon.  This trip will be with a group of friends and fellow Team RWB members, most of whom are planning to run the full marathon.  My plan was to continue with a 9-13 mile run each week in order to stay conditioned for the distance over the winter.  Due to the need to have running partners on our local trail I started running with some of them, and began to increase my mileage as they did.

As of this week I am officially registered as a marathon participant.  Eeek!  I knew I wanted to run a full in 2016, but the original plan was for it to be much later in the year.  We are 48 days away, double Eeek!

Here is where we are at thus far in my training:

Miles last week – 41

January MTD Miles – 64.88

I can do this!!!


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