Hawkeye 25K

Yesterday I ran the Hawkeye 25K in Solon IA. The first 7 miles or so followed a crushed limestone path along Lake McBride.


We then had a water crossing, at points the water was well above ankle deep and cold. At race start it was around 23 degrees, sunny but certainly cold.

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Immediately following the water crossing, we climbed up into the woods and completed a 3 mile loop through a ravine. Lots of up and downs and some muddy trail at some points. It didn’t matter, the path was beautiful which outweighed the difficulty.


After popping out of the woods, there was a small bit where we wandered through park fields and roads before making it a highway that we followed for the last 3 plus miles back to the finish line. It was a well planned event, the course was well marked and overall I felt pretty darn good at the finish. Upon finishing, I made my way to one of the aid stations and hung out helping until the final runner passed. Then I went back to the finish line and helped cheer the remaining runners to the finish. It was a long day, challenging, fun and rewarding!

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