Simplification continued…

As I continued to think about the things that do not bring me joy and happiness, I hatched a plan to assist me with the removal of things that aren’t bettering life in someway.  A goal that will keep me accountable throughout the year!

I have decided to remove one thing each day in 2017 that isn’t useful, or bringing happiness into life.  I had some catching up to do; as I didn’t get this idea until very early on January 3rd.  Let me show you what has already been liberated from my home and life!

Now I know you might be looking at these pictures and wondering whether or not I have lost my mind.  Let me assure you the only item of any value or worth anything is the Sonicare Toothbrush.  It is something we recently won as a door prize, we have no use for a kids toothbrush so I gave it to someone who could make use of it.  I also recycled 3 empty boxes, 2 of which were for items we no longer have. As a runner I can assure I do still have and use that foam roller.  I just don’t really need the box. The final item was a partially used tub of protein powder that expired more than 2 years ago.  That was hidden on a shelf in the pantry.  There you have it, my first four days of simplifying my life.

I know, there were no big sacrifices here, most of it was ‘junk’ therefore it was easy to get rid of.  One has to start somewhere,  I didn’t run a full marathon the first day I ran.  I will allow myself some grace on this project as well.

So far I am enjoying this project and pleased with the results.

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