Amana Freezer 5k 2017

On January 21st I ran my first race of  2017, a 5K in the Amana Colonies.  It was my first outdoor run since a minor injury on December 22nd that prevented me from running for 2 weeks. It was warm for January in Iowa, at race time it was misty and about 40 f.   To be honest the weather didn’t matter, I was just happy to be running and outside!
 It wasn’t my fast 5k, in fact my time was nothing spectacular.  I didn’t want to do anything too extreme and cause harm in the event that I was not fully healed.  Post race we wandered about town taking in the sights and activities of the Annual WinterFest activities in town.   Including taking advantage of our free beer at Millstream Brewing, the Windmill Wheat was pretty good.

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