When you just have to do more.

Today was a scheduled 16-18 mile run on the training plan.  All along I had intended to run 18, I want to test the longer distances when the plan calls for them.   Heading in to the weekend it was obvious that the weather was going to be less than desirable, especially today.  I couldn’t swap days and run the 18 on Saturday due to it being my Saturday to work.  I could not try to run them on Thursday or Friday due to work travel.

I resigned I was going to have to run indoors, this would be my longest indoor run to date.  Uggh!  The rest of the crew was able to run on Saturday, so it was up to me to get this done.  I showed up at the gym shortly after 5 am with a plan to get these miles in before the gym got too crowded.  I ran the first 5 miles around the track and then moved over to a treadmill.  Around mile 13 my brain decided I felt good and we were going to run 20 miles today.  What?!?  I have not run 20 miles before, and certainly not indoors.  I ran a total of 13.1 on the treadmill before moving back to the track to finish out the last 2 miles with Mom.


I am glad I did it, today I gained more confidence in my ability to get this done!  This evening my feet are a little sore, overall I feel great.   The weather next weekend is looking like it will be much better, even warmer than normal for a January in Iowa.  I’ll take it.



Miles last week – 38.86

MTD Miles – 109.68

What is the longest distance/time you have run on a treadmill?

What temperature do you consider too cold to run outside?