Simplification continued…

As I continued to think about the things that do not bring me joy and happiness, I hatched a plan to assist me with the removal of things that aren’t bettering life in someway.  A goal that will keep me accountable throughout the year!

I have decided to remove one thing each day in 2017 that isn’t useful, or bringing happiness into life.  I had some catching up to do; as I didn’t get this idea until very early on January 3rd.  Let me show you what has already been liberated from my home and life!

Now I know you might be looking at these pictures and wondering whether or not I have lost my mind.  Let me assure you the only item of any value or worth anything is the Sonicare Toothbrush.  It is something we recently won as a door prize, we have no use for a kids toothbrush so I gave it to someone who could make use of it.  I also recycled 3 empty boxes, 2 of which were for items we no longer have. As a runner I can assure I do still have and use that foam roller.  I just don’t really need the box. The final item was a partially used tub of protein powder that expired more than 2 years ago.  That was hidden on a shelf in the pantry.  There you have it, my first four days of simplifying my life.

I know, there were no big sacrifices here, most of it was ‘junk’ therefore it was easy to get rid of.  One has to start somewhere,  I didn’t run a full marathon the first day I ran.  I will allow myself some grace on this project as well.

So far I am enjoying this project and pleased with the results.

Simplifying Life

With the new year I have been giving a lot of thought to things.  Literally, the things in my life, the stuff I have.  Is it all really necessary?   Work, yeah since I’m not independently wealthy that IS necessary.  Seriously, there are many items in my life that fall outside of food and basic needs, some of it makes life fun, some makes life easier.  I’ve been wondering though, is it all really necessary?  I’ve come to the conclusion the answer is no and decided that 2017 is the year to simplify my life.  I am going to work on getting rid of the things in my life that do not add to my life; or help make me a better person.  It will be important to not overthink what should stay and what should go.  If I am not using it and it is not contributing to a better life, why have it?

Let me share what I am talking about.  Running shoes, they are needed!  Running contributes significantly to my happiness, it has connected me with so many wonderful people and allowed me to support others in discovering just how strong they are.  Do I need all my running shoes that I have ever had?  No! Doesn’t matter that they are still good shoes for everyday wear.  It isn’t like I am actually getting use out of most of them these days.  I am positive that someone out there would love to have any single pair of them to replace their old, worn out shoes. I should re-home my retired running shoes giving them a better life and simplifying mine.